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"To photograph: it is to put on the same line of sight the head, the eye and the heart.”
Henri Cartier-Bresson


I'm a lifestyle photographer, psychologist, painter but most of all - a happy, fulfilled mom, and lucky wife of a man who supports my passion. I was born and raised in Poland, where I lived until my early 30's. I fell in love and moved to US in 2011, got married, and gave birth to the most loved 'distractors’ in my life, my muses: five-year-old Zuzia and 1.5-year-old Julia. 

I am currently working as a newborn lifestyle photographer at Bella Baby Photography (https://www.bellababyphotography.com) at Princeton Health Hospital (https://www.princetonhcs.org). I had been professionally trained by the company in handling newborns and had gone through numerous vaccinations and health tests to make sure the babies are safe in my hands. 

My romance with photography started a few years ago. As a head of the marketing department I went through dozens of photographs from various photographers each week for different projects. Thinking about the interactions in the world in terms of image representations had actually triggered my passion. My love for photography started to bloom. My husband, fiancé at that time, bought me my first camera, helped to pursue an art education and strongly supported my dream of pursuing an art career over the years.

My road to photography was long and winding. I obtained an engineering degree from Gdansk University of Technology, then a master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, Poland. Upon coming to USA, I took classes in oil painting, graphic design and sketching at the Ducret School of Art in New Jersey. Finally, I was lucky to have studied oil painting at the Art Students League of New York, under the tutelage of Mary Beth McKenzie and Thomas Torak, famous American painters. I believe that my journey provides me with a unique perspective on the art of photography.

In the meantime, I had been taking photography workshops with my favorite photographers: Kelly Brown (http://littlepiecesphotography.com.au/), Paulina Duczman (https://paulinaduczman.com), Magdalena Binkiewicz (magdalenabinkiewicz.pl), Monika Serek (monikaserek.com) Adam Kasprzak (dreamphoto.pl), and numerous online photography courses.

And here I am, ready to portray your life with all its sweet moments that make up the beauty and uniqueness of life. If you are interested in something different, something real please contact me. Let me into your life for a while, and in return I will give you an honest tale of yourself and the people you love.

I'm looking forward to telling your story in pictures,